How to grow your glutes: Sydney personal trainer Rachael Attard shares three exercises


Ectomorphs are commonly normally slim (like Victoria’s Top secret styles) and they come across it tricky to create muscle.

If you are an ectomorph system kind, you probably previously have by natural means thinner legs. So, your purpose right here is to retain (or maybe reduce a little bit of stubborn lessen body excess fat) while making lean muscle. 

This way your legs will get tone and definition and you are going to keep away from the skinny body fat glimpse. 

What is the very best diet regime for an ectomorph? 

Rachael endorses you aim on the healthy, gradual-release types like wholegrain bread, brown rice, wholegrain pasta, quinoa and greens.

‘An great macronutrient ratio is 40-50 for each cent carbohydrates, 30-35 per cent protein and 20-25 per cent excess fat,’ Rachael reported. 

‘For your ectomorph system sort, add in nutritious fat and protein with each food. This will also support you to get better from your routines more rapidly.’ 


Mesomorphs can be fairly athletic and answer rapidly to exercising, which signifies they make muscle mass effortlessly.

They can shed body weight pretty quickly, but can also achieve weight quickly as well. Usually, they are of common dimension.

If you are a mesomorph, overdoing exercises like squats and lunges can simply result in cumbersome legs. So, your aim below is to reduce body excess fat percentage and avoid physical exercises that will bulk up your legs in the procedure. 

What is the ideal diet regime for a mesomorph?

From a eating plan standpoint, mesomorphs glimpse their best when they take in balanced macros – crammed with a 30-35 for each cent carbs, 35-40 per cent protein and 30 per cent unwanted fat.

Mesomorphs must also preserve an eye on their calorie ingestion, as they can very easily acquire fat if they take in also considerably sugar. 

'I'm a mesomorph. I am naturally a slim build but I can gain weight and muscle really quickly,' Rachael said

‘I’m a mesomorph. I am in a natural way a slender construct but I can gain fat and muscle actually rapidly,’ Rachael said 


Endomorphs by natural means have a potent create and much larger body. They can create muscle very quickly and it’s slightly tougher for them to reduce pounds. But, it is not difficult!

If you are an endomorph overall body kind, your objective is to genuinely target on lowering all round body fats and to totally steer clear of any exercises that may possibly induce you to bulk up. 

What is the very best diet program for an endomorph?

Endomorphs should follow a minimal-carb food plan, as their bodies are not quite very good at processing carbohydrates.

‘Make absolutely sure most of your carbs are coming from fruit and veggies, and skip the starches this kind of as pasta, bread and rice,’ Rachael reported.

You also will need to maintain your extra fat and protein ingestion large. Think lean meats, oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocado.