Researchers show how CBD can reduce seizures in treatment-resistant forms of childhood epilepsy

Scientists at Aston College have contributed to the discovery of a earlier unknown way in which cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive part of cannabis, can lessen seizures in a lot of cure-resistant kinds of childhood epilepsy.

A team of worldwide collaborators, led by experts at NYU Grossman University of Medicine, which includes a workforce from the Aston Institute of Well being and Neurodevelopment at Aston College, discovered that CBD blocked indicators carried by a molecule known as lysophosphatidylinositol (LPI).

LPI is identified in our brain’s neurons and is assumed to amplify nerve alerts as component of regular purpose but can be hijacked by some epilepsies to advertise seizures.

The review, published in the journal Neuron, expanded on preceding findings demonstrating that CBD blocks the ability of the molecule LPI to amplify nerve indicators in a brain area identified as the hippocampus.

The present examine argues that, for the to start with time, the molecule also weakens indicators that counter seizures, further more detailing the worth of CBD cure and the generation of seizure exercise in epileptic persons.

As portion of the exploration team, the Aston College workforce utilised a leading product of epilepsy, made by Professor Gavin Woodhall, to execute recordings of electrical signals in mind cells taken from epileptic rodents, some of which experienced been taken care of with CBD. By doing this, they were being able to pinpoint the molecular mechanisms by which CBD acts to avert seizure activity in epileptic brains.

Professor Woodhall, co-director of Aston Institute for Well being and Neurodevelopment, mentioned: “These new insights into epilepsy and the mechanism by which CBD is effective to quit seizures is the fruit of yrs of collaboration between neuroscientists in the United kingdom and Usa and our marketplace lover, GW Pharma.
“We are hopeful that it will guide to even far better treatment options in potential”.


We are delighted that our epilepsy model is becoming utilised to make these types of significant breakthroughs in the mechanisms of epilepsy and is paving the way for a broader vary of foreseeable future therapies”.


Dr Stuart Greenhill, senior lecturer in neuroscience, Aston Institute for Well being and Neurodevelopment


Corresponding writer Richard W Tsien, chair of the Division of Physiology and Neuroscience at NYU Langone Wellness, reported: “Our outcomes deepen the field’s comprehension of a central seizure-inducing system, with numerous implications for the pursuit of new therapy methods.

“The analyze also clarified, not just how CBD counters seizures, but additional broadly how circuits are well balanced in the mind. Connected imbalances are current in autism and schizophrenia, so the paper may have a broader affect.”

The benefits build on how each and every neuron “fires” to deliver an electrical pulse down an extension of by itself right up until it reaches a synapse, the gap that connects it to the subsequent cell in a neuronal pathway, and how this exercise can change in a network which is probable to crank out epileptic seizures.


Journal reference:

Rosenberg, E.C., et al. (2023) Cannabidiol modulates excitatory-inhibitory ratio to counter hippocampal hyperactivity. Neuron.