Five simple ways to improve your fitness that are free | News

 It can be tempting to go out and invest a ton in swanky workout equipment, matching sets to sweat in, and the latest and greatest gadgets, but the truth is that keeping healthy and fit can be done with nothing but a #fitpositive mindset. Here are 5 fitness tips that have zero financial investment to start incorporating today. 

Get your steps – It’s up to you if you choose to walk or run. I’m personally a brisk power walker. However you choose to get your steps, make sure to warm-up before and focus on having good posture. I recommend getting at least 20-30 minutes of steps a day. This can be done all at once or be broken up throughout the day.

Soak in some rays of sunshine – Our body needs Vitamin D to function optimally, and the sun is a wonderful source for it. 30-60 minutes of sunshine a day can serve your body well.

Practice stress management techniques – Staying stressed at your max can provide quite the hindrance to your health. High levels of stress raises your cortisol, stress hormone, levels. This can trigger things like extra cravings, poor sleep, and bloat. Try incorporating some deep belly breathing, journaling, gratitude, or an activity that helps to ease your mind into your daily routine.

Practice bodyweight workouts – Bodyweight workouts provide the resistance training needed to leave your bones and muscles feeling strong. Strengthening and stretching muscles in your back, core, hips, and glutes will help your body function at its best. Exercises like squats, push ups, pull ups, tricep dips, planks, and fire-hydrants have a big impact on keeping fit.

Increase your Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) – NEAT includes any movement that isn’t formal exercise. Keeping active throughout the day is a wonderful way to promote a healthy heart, keep lubricated joints, promote active muscles, and maintain a healthy weight. Doing chores around the house, walking through the grocery store, taking the stairs, raking leaves, and everyday activities like these are great for keeping active and getting important dynamic movement.

BONUS – Raid your fridge before hitting a drive through. Yes, sometimes the drive through is necessary and a wonderful relief. Yet, it’s a familiar scenario to grab a bag of spinach, a package of turkey, or some berries on sale at Aldi, then not touching them again until they’ve spoiled at the back of the fridge and it’s time to throw them out. We’ve all been there. Eat the healthy foods already in your fridge or freezer instead of grabbing fast food when you can. Planning meals or prepping some foods in advance can be helpful. This will also help to limit food waste and allow you to get more bang for your buck with your investment in groceries.

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I hope you have a wonderful week!