5 Best CBD Gummies On The Market

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Health and wellness trends come and go, but celebrity-favorite CBD is no-doubt here to stay. And needless to say, CBD gummies are a 2023 wellness trend we were happy to research. 

We picked the best overall, CBD gummies that are the most effective for pain, the most well-reviewed for sleep, and more.

Whatever wellness issue you’re dealing with, CBD might just be the natural remedy to improve your quality of life. Incorporating CBD into your daily health regimen is a little, positive choice that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp that won’t get you high; it’s non-addictive and is considered safe by the World Health Organization.

CBD products have become big business in the dietary supplement world, but great brands with effective CBD are the only ones who passed our litmus test.

Here’s our definitive list of the 5 Best CBD Gummies on the Market. Based on reader feedback, we dealt out categories based on the most common ailments and health benefits. 

See who met our criteria for quality, safety, and more…

Top 5 CBD Gummies 2023

Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD gummies have become one of the world’s most popular ways to take CBD. CBD gummies are meant to be delicious, and a lot of us prefer eating our CBD to smoking it or vaping it. No matter how you slice it, gummies are just fun.

But beyond CBD gummies as a supplement that tastes good, the cannabidiol (CBD’s official name) they contain has been heavily researched and documented to have health properties. Here are some of the major benefits of taking CBD:

Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant 

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that acts both as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. This makes it a good natural remedy to build up immunity and protect your system from the daily stresses of life.


One of the biggest reasons people flock to CBD in the first place is anxiety. The good news is that there are bonafide scientific studies that support CBD as an effective therapeutic for multiple anxiety symptoms. Unlike many prescription anxiety drugs, CBD is non-addictive and all-natural, making it an attractive alternative for countless people who need a little help with relaxation and stress. 

Sleep better

Sleep deprivation is shockingly common across the modern world, and many prescriptions and OTC sleep medications have dangerous side effects. Luckily, CBD has been shown to promote healthy sleep in clinical trials. Most people who take CBD report being able to fall asleep more quickly as well as getting more hours of shut-eye. 

Clear skin

It’s not just a beauty trend– CBD has been studied by scientists to have acne-fighting properties that can help keep the skin healthy inside and out. These days, there are now multiple skincare products with CBD that are targeted at acne and anti-ageing. 

Pain relief

Last but not least, CBD has proven disruptive in the health and wellness world for its therapeutic prowess against pain. With the opioid crisis reaching crazier heights everyday in the US, CBD’s documented effectiveness for pain relief could potentially save lives. This is why mission-driven CBD brands (like the ones on our list) often offer lifetime discounts for military, veterans, first responders, and the elderly. For millions of people around the world, CBD offers a natural pain solution that can improve quality of life. 

Best CBD Gummies in 2023 

1. Best Overall: R&R CBD Gummies


R&R comes in at #1 for their full spectrum CBD gummies that do the trick for nearly any circumstance. They taste great too — these treats are nostalgic gummy rings that remind us of going to the convenience store for snacks after school. There are multiple flavors in each jar: strawberry, apple, and our favorite, peach. 

It really doesn’t get better with taste and potency. Each CBD gummy ring contains a whopping 30mg of certified USDA Organic full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD’s fancier, scientific name). This is a higher amount than what we usually see with CBD gummies, most of which hover around 20mg per gummy.

To add to the potency factor, because R&R uses full spectrum CBD, it contains more natural benefits from supporting hemp phytochemicals. These alternative cannabinoids — CBG, CBC, and more — have similar effects on body and mind as CBD. 

R&R full spectrum CBD gummies are full of supporting cannabinoids. We know because we looked at the recent lab reports. These results from an independent laboratory show that the CBD oil used is indeed full spectrum, and very potent at that. You won’t find cheap corn syrup or artificial flavorings in their gummies, either — everything is vegan and of premium grade.

R&R is a mission-based brand that offers FREE shipping on all US orders over $65, plus permanent discounts of 25{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} off for veterans. For families and regular users, we suggest doing the subscribe & save to get 20{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} off. 


  • Potent, full spectrum CBD
  • Delicious taste
  • Vegan formula
  • FREE shipping over $65 or with subscription
  • For pain, sleep, and overall wellness

CBD type: Full spectrum

CBD per gummy: 30mg | 30 per bottle

Ingredient list: Organic full spectrum hemp extract, Tapioca Syrup, Purified Water, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Fruit & Vegetable Extract (Color), Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Tapioca Starch

What users love: Users seem to appreciate the high level of customer service and care they get from the R&R team, as this is a recurring theme in verified reviews. There are also multiple mentions of how great their CBD gummies taste. It also appears that many users end up landing on R&R for CBD for anxiety or CBD for pets. R&R provides a great, healthy alternative for people and animals to help them relax and maintain calm under stress.

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2. Best for Sleep & Stress: Receptra Seriously Relax CBD + CBG Gummies


Now that we have the pain out of the way, we wanted to focus on another big draw of CBD gummies: sleep and stress. Winning in this category is Receptra, a small CBD company with simple branding and a simple MO — all-natural CBD products that really work.

We have long been fans of Receptra’s CBD tinctures, and their Seriously Relax Gummies are hands down the best we’ve tried for relaxation and sleep. The cherry limeade flavor is icing on the cake, but what we really are impressed by are the effects.

Receptra uses potent, full spectrum CBD oil in these gummies. According to the most recent lab results we viewed, it’s overflowing with different cannabinoids and terpenes. A good sign for potency and efficacy.

Of note is a large amount of cannabinoid CBG, larger than most CBD gummies. The thing is, CBG is kind of like second in line to CBD as far as therapeutic, no-high cannabinoids. A lot of people who take it claim it does wonders for anxiety. Innovatively, Receptra includes an extra infusion of pure CBG in each gummy for the following ratio: 25mg CBD to 3mg CBG.

Receptra has been a leader for trustworthy, small businesses in the wide-reaching CBD world for a few years now. Judging by the glowing reviews that address sleep and stress — something most of us deal with — people are still flocking to Receptra and often become customers for life. 


  • Powerful and effective
  • Great flavor
  • Full spectrum CBD plus added CBG
  • Great for a good night’s rest
  • Awesome reviews for stress

CBD type: Full spectrum

CBD per gummy: 25mg CBD + 3mg CBG | 30 gummies per jar

Ingredient list: CBD hemp flower extract, CBG, tapioca syrup, sugar, pectin, natural flavors, citric acid, vegetable juice (color), sodium citrate

What users love: The overarching theme of the reviews for the Seriously Relax CBD Gummies from Receptra is this: sleep, sleep, and more sleep. People mention being able to fall asleep more easily and sleep more deeply after taking them before bed. We also saw quite a few reviews from people who say they have taken them before stressful situations and experienced a sense of calm: meetings, appointments, long flights, and the like. Overall, we couldn’t find a more well-reviewed CBD gummy for stress and sleep than this.

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3. Best CBD Vitamin Gummy: Just Live Energy CBD Gummies 

just live
Just Live

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that is known for its relaxing effects. Vitamin gummies are a fun way to make sure you take your daily supplements. Why not combine the two? We love CBD vitamin gummies because they kill so many birds with one stone.

Case in point are the vitamin CBD Gummies from Just Live. Just one serving gives you a kick-butt boost of THC-free CBD extract, vitamin C, and vitamin D. All three of these natural medicines have health benefits, and we think these gummies are a great example of how a small, positive change can shape a healthy lifestyle.

We love the citrus-orange flavor of these vitamin gummies, though flavor-wise they’re not the cream of the crop. We’re more interested in what’s inside in this case. Just Live CBD gummies contain broad spectrum CBD extract, meaning the THC has been filtered out. However, users can still look forward to a synergistic effect, since we saw alternative cannabinoids CBG and CBDV in the most recent lab report.

While CBD has therapeutic applications for pain and sleep, vitamin C and vitamin D are known for their beneficial effect on the immune system. And although we can’t make any guarantees, from the reviews it looks like these vitamins do make a positive impact on the daily health regimen. That’s something that’s always a win. 


  • Contains vitamin C and vitamin D
  • FREE shipping
  • 0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Perfect for daily use & overall wellness

CBD type: Broad spectrum 0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC

CBD per gummy: 25mg | 30 gummies per jar

Ingredient list: Vitamin C, Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Vitamin D, Isomalto-oligosaccharides (vegetable source), Cane Sugar, Fruit Pectin Mix (Dextrose, Pectin, Fumaric Acid), Ascorbic Acid, Premium Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate (aerial parts), Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Flavor, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Turmeric (color), Fruit Juice (color), Vegetable Juice (color)

What users love: Users describe a feeling of relaxation with these CBD vitamin gummies. While some take them at night and claim they get a great night’s rest, a lot of users are taking them in the morning with their other daily vitamins and supplements. We suggest taking your CBD vitamin gummy whenever you take the rest of your supplements– whatever time that is– so that you’re less likely to forget.

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4. Best for Everyday Use: Kanibi Organi Gummies


Looking for a CBD gummy that’s perfect for daily use? Kanibi’s Organi Gummies infused with just 10 mg of CBD distillate, perfect for those new to CBD or those looking to have more control over their dosing.

Kanibi’s CBD CO2 extract process is considered the gold standard in the industry, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product.

Kanibi exclusively uses organic CBD extract that comes from hemp grown in the USA. They also have industry-exceeding testing protocols for contaminants. Adamantly transparent, Kanibi provides current Certificates of Analysis on all their CBD products on their website. 


  • THC-free
  • Double laboratory tested
  • FREE shipping on orders over $100
  • 100{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} money back guarantee

CBD type: CBD distillate

CBD per gummy: 10 mg | 30 gummies per jar

Ingredient list: CBD distillate, Organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, water, pectin, natural flavors, organic fruit and vegetable juice (for color), citric acid, sodium citrate, malic acid, organic sunflower oil, organic carnauba wax

What users love: We saw verified online reviews where multiple people cited relief from stress and aches and pains. Also a big selling point is the affordability. Kanibi offers free shipping on all orders over $100 and a 100{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} money back guarantee.

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5. Best for Pain: Secret Nature Live Resin CBD Gummies

secret nature
Secret Nature

One of the most common reasons people seek out CBD is for pain. Unlike pharmaceuticals and OTC medicines that can cause addiction or undesirable side effects, CBD is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that is both non-addictive and safe. 

Secret Nature makes a super-potent CBD gummy that we think deserves recognition. These hempy-tasting treats are a big winner among users who want a more natural way to relax the body and mind. 

Secret Nature is a small company out of Oregon that cultivates their own organic hemp indoors in a tightly controlled environment. Everything is done in small batches, and the brand is known for exclusively using CBD extract from hemp flowers.

The flower part of the hemp plant contains more cannabinoids per surface area than the stalks and stems. CBD extract made from hemp flowers is more potent, with more cannabinoids like CBDA per cubic volume. 

Secret Nature’s CBD gummies are made with live resin. This means they reintroduce unadulterated hemp terpenes into the extract and use minimal distillation. In layman’s terms, this type of CBD extract is barely processed, closer to the state of the actual raw plant. 

Another cool thing about Secret Nature’s Doctor Endo Gummies is that you can choose which strain you’d like. Whatever the crew currently has on hand. You can read about the different hemp flower strains from Secret Nature on their website before you buy. 


  • Organic, indoor hemp cultivation
  • Made with live resin 
  • Choose your strain
  • Made in small batches
  • Well-reviewed for pain & discomfort

CBD type: Full spectrum (live resin)

CBD per gummy: 25mg | 60 per bag

Ingredient list: Cannabis live resin, sugar cane, purified water, natural colors and flavors

What users love: Users in online reviews take these in the morning, daytime, and night. They’re great for anytime and even daytime users report sleeping well. We were surprised to see how many people are cool with the hempy taste from the resin, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue, even with beginners. Last but not least, lots of people formerly struggling with pain say they get relief with these gummies, hence their award on our list.

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How We Chose The Winners 

There are countless CBD brands out there, and CBD gummies just happen to be one of the most popular CBD products on the market. We therefore came up with a method to sort out the good from the bad and the good from the excellent. Here’s a list of our criteria that’s a good barometer for buying CBD products in general:


Whenever you’re buying something like CBD, really the biggest question is whether or not it will work. It can be hard to predict how your body will respond to a supplement before you try it. The good news is that we are CBD users ourselves, so it wasn’t hard to try them out firsthand. We also put a lot of weight into verified online reviews with regard to effectiveness, particularly with pain and sleep. 

Quality Sourcing

If you’re buying any CBD product, it’s important to know where the hemp comes from. That’s because inferior imports can often be laden with toxins. The more local you can go, the better. We decided to only pick CBD gummies sourced from US hemp grown without pesticide use– this means organic hemp cultivation or something close to it. 

Natural Ingredients

What’s the point of plant-based health if you’re going to muck it up with artificial stuff? Many, many, many CBD gummies contain artificial colors and flavors. While we’re not hating on that choice, we only selected CBD gummies with natural ingredients for our list. In most cases, the colors and flavors come from fruit and vegetable juice.


It’s important that CBD companies provide consumers with testing information for a few reasons. Number one, they want to show that the CBD product is safe. Contaminants panels should be run for pesticides, microbiologicals, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Second, users should be able to confirm that what’s on the bottle matches what’s inside with a potency test. This will list the amount of CBD as well as other cannabinoids in the product. We only considered CBD gummies for which we could easily find and view a current, third-party lab report. 


It just feels better to shop with a mission-driven brand, and the CBD industry is full of them. But like any business, there are companies that seem like they just want to cash in. No feels, no charity, just selling. We weeded out these brands (pun intended), and only focused on mission-driven organizations. To qualify, each CBD vendor had to either offer compassionate discounts or give back in some tangible way.

What Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol — known commonly as CBD — is a phytochemical that occurs naturally in the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). 

CBD is in a group of phytochemicals known as cannabinoids. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system — an integral network of cannabinoid receptors that help regulate processes of body and mind. 

This means that in a nutshell, all mammals are hard-wired to receive cannabinoids. When you ingest CBD, the CBD binds with your endocannabinoid system, and this interaction has a beneficial effect for homeostasis.

CBD is one of the most widely used cannabinoids, but unlike THC, CBD will not get you high. Other non-psychoactive cannabinoids in the hemp plant include CBG, CBC, CBDA, and CBN. These and more are often found in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products, but are absent in supplements made with CBD isolate.

The 2018 Farm Bill made the sale of CBD products federally legal in the US, provided the products fall under 0.3{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC by dry weight. This effectively removed CBD and other non-intoxicating hemp products from the Controlled Substances List. 

The World Health Organization recognized CBD as safe in 2017, and progress continues to be made in cannabinoid research and advocacy since then. 

What are the different types of CBD?

There are three main types of CBD extract that are used in CBD products: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Here are the marked differences between them:

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is the least processed of all three forms. Minimal filtration is performed, so that the extract retains the most cannabinoids and terpenes as possible. Terpenes have natural benefits in their own right, and they’re the phytochemicals that give hemp its distinct smell. This means that usually, products made with full spectrum CBD will have more of a cannabis-like smell and taste. While full spectrum CBD does contain delta 9 THC, levels must fall under 0.3{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} per volume as dictated by federal law. So don’t worry, it’s not intoxicating. 

Broad Spectrum CBD (0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC)

Broad spectrum CBD may contain multiple cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to CBD, but with 0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC. The hemp extract is put through an additional filtration process to remove THC. This makes broad spectrum CBD supplements a popular choice for people who don’t want to mess with THC at all, but want the synergistic benefits of other cannabinoids. Any CBD product that contains cannabinoids and/or terpenes in addition to CBD and also has no THC is considered broad spectrum.

CBD Isolate 

CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like — it’s the CBD cannabinoid in isolated form. It’s pure and free from any additional cannabinoids and terpenes present in the original extract. People who are concerned about drug testing are fans of CBD isolate products. Another benefit is that CBD isolate lacks the hempy, cannabis taste of full spectrum extract, making it great for edibles and topicals.

Other Forms of CBD 

CBD gummies are still one of the most popular ways to take CBD in the world. Here are the other forms of CBD you may have seen online or on the websites of the vendors on our list:

  • CBD tinctures: These rival CBD gummies for the most popular way to take CBD. CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil (usually MCT) and bottled with a convenient dropper. 
  • CBD capsules: CBD capsules contain precise doses of CBD oil and are great to take on the go. You can lump them in with your other daily supplements and never miss a dose while traveling. 
  • CBD topicals: CBD topicals come in the form of balms, creams, lotions, and more. CBD is absorbed through the skin for a more local effect that’s good for the skin. 
  • CBD flower: For people who want to smoke CBD, CBD flower is the purest form you can get. CBD flowers are sold by weight. It’s also sold hand-rolled into CBD cigarettes and joints.
  • CBD vapes: Vaping CBD is popular among a lot of people in the US for its convenience and potency factor. You can buy pre-filled vape pens or purchase CBD vape cartridges to get your fix. 
  • CBD drinks: CBD drinks are super trendy and range in everything from bottled alkaline water to beer, wine, and energy drinks. 

How to Take CBD Gummies for Beginners 

Taking CBD gummies for the first time isn’t rocket science, but it can be intimidating for some people, especially those who are inexperienced with cannabis and other hemp products. 

First, check the dosage instructions on the packaging of your CBD gummies. How much CBD is one serving? Some CBD gummies contain 1 gummy per serving, while others require 2.

Most CBD gummies have a dosage somewhere around 20 mg CBD per gummy.

Whenever starting out with a CBD supplement, the dosage advice remains the same–

Start low, go slow.

If after taking CBD gummies for a week you do not feel the desired effects, you can slowly increase your intake until you hit that sweet spot.

Although you cannot overdose on CBD, you don’t want to take too much because you may not be getting enough value. Your wallet and your body will thank you for starting low and going slow.

As far as when to take CBD gummies, that depends on what you are taking them for and any additional ingredients that might support energy or on the flip side, drowsiness.

For example, we’ve read dozens of testimonials from users who take CBD gummies in the morning, claiming it gives them a calm start to the day.

If you’re using CBD to help you sleep better, it’s a better idea to eat your CBD gummies at nighttime. Take around 30 minutes to 1 hour before hitting the sheets, so that the CBD has time to go through the digestive system. 

How long does it take for CBD gummies to kick in?

CBD gummies contain CBD oil that has been infused with the other ingredients and then crafted into gummy form. As with any CBD edible, CBD gummies must pass through the digestive system before they take effect. It therefore takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to feel the effects from CBD gummies. 


Will CBD make me high?

Unlike THC, CBD will not make you high. CBD is considered safe by the World Health Organization and has been extensively studied to lack psychoactive effects.

Can I test positive on a drug test if I’m taking CBD?

If you are concerned about drug testing and you want to take CBD, we suggest going with a 0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC option (there are plenty of them). This will include CBD gummies and other CBD products that are made with either broad spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. To double check that there is no THC in your product, check out the most recent lab results on the CBD brand’s website. Look at the potency test, also known as the cannabinoid profile. This test should show 0.0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} values for delta 9 THC. If your CBD product contains 0{d589daddaa72454dba3eae1d85571f5c49413c31a8b21559e51d970df050cb0e} THC, you are less likely to fail a drug test.

Can I give my pet CBD?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, so CBD in general is safe for pets. However, we recommend getting a CBD product specifically designed for pets. For one, it’s easier to dose CBD accurately. Also, pet CBD supplements and treats will come with flavors pets like and usually include other nutritious ingredients to support your pet’s wellness.

An easy, fun, healthy lifestyle choice

CBD has blown up the natural wellness world for its therapeutic potential with everything from anxiety and stress, to acne and seizures. We’ve seen and heard positive testimonials from thousands of people that have turned to CBD for its natural health benefits, ourselves included.

To wrap things up, we love that CBD gummies make a healthy lifestyle choice fun. No messy droppers or intimidating powders. Just bite-sized treats that contain the natural, anti-inflammatory goodness of CBD extract. Taking just one or two per day could be the healthy lifestyle choice you or your loved ones would be stoked to experience.